Vol 5, No 10 (2016)

Non-fiction Transmedia

Co-edited by Arnau Gifreu-Castells, Richard Misek and Erwin Verbruggen

Interactive digital media have greatly affected the logics of production, exhibition and reception of non-fiction audiovisual works, leading to the emergence of a new area called “interactive and transmedia non-fiction”. One of its key points is that it can deal with factual material in such a way that it influences and transforms the real world around us. With this issue we aim to offer a scholarly perspective on the emergence of transmedia forms, their technological and aesthetic characteristics, the types of audience engagement they engender, the possibilities they create for engagement with archival content, the technological predecessors that they may or may not have emerged from, and the institutional and creative milieux in which they thrive.

Table of Contents


Transgressing the Non-fiction Transmedia Narrative PDF HTML
Arnau Gifreu-Castells, Richard Misek, Erwin Verbruggen 1-3


Story, History and Intercultural Memory: Can a Transmedia Approach Benefit an Archive-Based Documentary Project? PDF HTML
Marida Di Crosta, Anita Leandro 4-21
Interactive Graphic Journalism PDF HTML
Laura Schlichting 22-39
Aligning Participation with Authorship: Independent Transmedia Documentary Production in Norway PDF HTML
Joakim Karlsen 40-51
Crossroads. Life Changing Stories from the Second World War: A (Transmedia) Storytelling Approach to World War II Heritage PDF HTML
Licia Calvi, Moniek Hover 52-66
I’m Sorry I Don’t Have a Story: An Essay Involving Interactive Documentary, Bristol and Hypertext PDF HTML IBOOK
Adrian Miles 67-86


Small Change – Big Difference: Tracking the Transmediality of Red Nose Day PDF HTML
Matthew Freeman 87-96
Emergent Principles for Digital Documentary PDF HTML
Richard Lachman 97-109
Korsakow Perspective(s): Rethinking Documentary Knowledge in Digital Multilinear Environments PDF HTML
Franziska Weidle 110-123
A Transmedia Topology of 'Making a Murderer' PDF HTML
Alan Hook, Danielle Barrios-O'Neill, Jolene Mairs Dyer 124-139

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