Vol 6, No 11 (2017)

History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe

Co-edited by Luca Barra, Christoph Classen, and Sonja De Leeuw

The history of European televisions’ commercialization is interesting and complex. In many European countries, early attempts to launch some form of private television took place on a local, national, or even supra-national basis. The process of television commercialization in Europe didn’t just start during the 1980s. Its implementation happened from the very beginning, and followed very different paths in each country. This issue on the History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe may help deepen our understanding of how the commercialization of television has shaped media culture in Europe. It offers a scholarly view on the history of private and commercial television in Europe, addressing institutional, technological, political, and cultural perspectives, and their entanglement, so as to allow for transnational comparison.

Table of Contents


Editorial HTML PDF
Luca Barra, Christoph Classen, Sonja de Leeuw 1-5


East Meets West: The Cultural History of Television in Bulgaria HTML PDF
Elza Ibroscheva, Maria Raicheva-Stover 6-21
A Slippery Slope: The Rise and Fall of the Domestic Soap Opera in Italian Public and Commercial Television HTML PDF
Daniela Cardini 22-32
Canal + Spain & Live Football Broadcasts: A Whole Different Game HTML PDF
Vicente Rodríguez Ortega, Rubén Romero Santos 33-40
TV Commercials' Second Life: Commercials as Remembrance Culture in the Netherlands HTML PDF
Krystyna Biernawska 41-52
‘Remember, it’s just television’: Rubicon TV and the Commercialisation of Norwegian Television HTML PDF
Vilde Schanke Sundet, Eva Bakøy 53-69


‘The growing practice of calling in continental film groups’: The European influence on production of early British TV advertising HTML PDF
Alison Jane Payne 70-80
Russia’s STS Television Network: A Cultural Window to the West HTML PDF
Jeffrey Raymond Brassard 81-92
I Want My MTV, We Want Our TMF: The Music Factory, MTV Europe, and Music Television in the Netherlands, 1995-2011 HTML PDF
Jaap Kooijman 93-101
From PSB to Privatisation: Structures and Vulnerabilities of the Greek-cypriot broadcasting sector HTML PDF
Theodora Maniou 102-112
The Winding Road on the Media Landscape: The Establishment of Estonian (Television) Broadcasting between 1992 and 2016 HTML PDF
Andres Jõesaar 113-123

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